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Yes-Original surveillance camera application


One of the most popular types of cameras is Yes-Original cameras and devices.
Users often face difficulties in dealing with the application of this company due to the scarcity of its explanation sources.

That is why we provide here an explanation of how to deal with this application.

Download and steps

Download the Yes-Original app

Watch Yes-Original app Configuration video

Configuration of Yes-Original app

1- Open the app.

2- The opening screen will appear which asks for the user name and password (in case of opening an account on the company's website).

You do not need an account, choose Local.

3- From the menu choose Device Manager.

In order to add the DVR device to the program.

4- The window for the devices within the application appears on your device (it appears blank if you use it for the first time).

5- Click on the (+) sign to add a new device.

6- A window appears asking you for the device information you want to add.

7- Note that it contains two main tabs.

One is Serial and the other is IP/Domain.

In the event that you want to add your DVR directly without advanced settings, you will choose Serial, which will prompt you on Serial No. your device or QR code.

Whichever is easier for you will be added.

If you have made advanced settings on the DVR or on the network of the place, you can enter the IP/Domain tab and write your settings (IP - Port number - ...).

8- After completion, you will see the device you have added.

9- To view the live view of the cameras, choose Live Preview from the main menu.

10- From the Channel List menu, select the device and the camera or cameras you want to watch.

11- Click on Start Live View to show the cameras image.

12- To view a recording from a specific camera, select Playback from the main menu.

13- From the Channel List menu, select the device and the camera you want to watch.

14- Choose the start and end time.

15- Click on Start Live View to show the camera recording.

16- To save a specific snapshot, click on the camera at the bottom left of the screen.

17- To view the saved images, choose media files from the main menu.

Saved images are shown to you.