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AnyViewer - Remote Desktop Software for Windows



Connecting to a desktop remotely is quite common in tech support, whereby the guest gains access to the host's computer in order to troubleshoot a problem. 

As it is often a way for a more experienced user to gain access to a less-experienced host's computer, software to support this function must be intuitive and easily accessible by any type of user.

AnyViewer is a program that seeks to meet those demands, perhaps even reminiscing one of TeamViewer at times due to the similarities between them. 

If given the appropriate ID, users can remotely connect to a computer within seconds with this tool.

The program simplifies the remote desktop connection process considerably. 

All users need to connect is an ID, as well as a security code, or an approval, from the host. 

Owing to the modern design of the interface, everything is neatly structured to make navigating through the app a breeze. 

Casual and power-users alike should have no problem acclimating to it.

In many ways, if you've used TeamViewer in the past, you'll know how to get around this one. 

Upon connecting to a system, you'll be able to modify the feed's resolution, image quality, as well as message the host. 

You can expect a bit of a delay between commands on the remote computer, but that's to be expected.

While connected to a machine, you also have the ability to engage various commands through the program. 

A shortcut to the Ctrl+Alt+Del function is available, and you can also lock, logout, restart, and even shut down the host computer. Additionally, CMD and Task Manager are also within reach via the same menu.

What's more, the guest can also elect to disable the mouse and keyboard of the host, as well as black out their screen. Locking their device is also possible.

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