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How to Stop Service Using PowerShell


This section is about cmdlets that are installed with the PowerShell module in Microsoft PowerShell Management.

Contains cmdlets that help you manage Windows in PowerShell.


The Stop-Service command sends a message that a Windows service has stopped.

Services can be identified by their service names or display name.

Examples of Stop-Service

example 1

Stop a service on the local computer

Stop-Service -Name "Print Spooler"

Example 2

Stop a service using a display name

Get-Service -DisplayName "telnet" | Stop-Service

Example 3

Stop a service that has dependent (authorized) services on it

Get-Service -Name "iisadmin" | Format-List -Property Name, DependentServices

Stop-Service -Name "iisadmin" -Force -Confirm

This example stops the IISAdmin service on the computer.

Since stopping this service also stops services that depend on the IISAdmin service, it is better to precede Stop-Service, which invokes services that depend on the IISAdmin service, use Get-Service.